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Why More Than 30,000 are Ready To Switch Their Car Insurance to LOOP

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August 22, 2021

As the last tweaks, finishing touches, and preparations are put in place and the Loop launch inches closer, over 30,000 people are patiently waiting to officially switch to Loop Insurance. Whether it be for the innovative use of technology, the community-driven services, or the in-person events that lured people in with dumplings and beer, each individual has their own reason for wanting to join the Loop family.

That’s what Loop celebrates, really. The individual, who has their own complex desires, motivations, and needs for their insurance experience. Because Loop was founded on the premise that each person can’t be reduced to a number, a statistic, or a score. So, instead of listing off the bulleted reasons of why Loop thinks you may want to switch over your car insurance, let the individuals tell you instead.

To feel a sense of community

“Loop is a community driven company,” Samantha Lopez stated, plain and simple. A Brooklyn native who found her way to Austin earlier this year, Lopez knew that this community focus wasn’t just a benefit of Loop, but something that she couldn’t find anywhere else. “I can’t say that about any other car insurance company,” she continued. “Buying into a company that values its customers outside of just selling you insurance is priceless.”

This community is formed through in-person events, weekly clubhouse meetings open to anyone, and a mission centered around the belief that insurance is for everyone, and shouldn’t be plagued by bias and prejudice.

Mike Yates — arguably an example of someone lured in by the dumplings and beer in-person event — echoed Samantha’s thoughts of community at Loop. “No insurance companies build community like this,” Yates said. He went on to laugh as he explained his experience canceling his policy with State Farm and finding out that his agent no longer worked there anymore. “Now, some dude named Dan Walker is my State Farm agent, and I can’t even get a hold of Dan to tell him that I’m leaving.” It’s clear that community is not a given for every insurance company, especially if it’s not made a priority. And, of course, sick refreshments.

“It doesn't matter what product you sell. If the team pulls up and is like, ‘Yo, we're going to buy you beer and dumplings,’ most people will buy that product,” Yates said. Ditto to that sentiment, Mike. While it may be that everyone is just a sucker for a good dumpling, the act of inviting consumers to get together and break bread, builds community and bonds before you can even click “Sign Up.”

To join in the fight for equitable insurance for all

As well as being enticed by the community within Loop, Lopez was also drawn in through Loop’s commitment to equitable car insurance that isn’t based on factors that are irrelevant to you as a driver, like credit score.

“Let’s not forget that Loop was founded by a woman and a Latino, both of whom have the cultural relevance to know that folks are consistently being plagued with bias,” Lopez said. “So to me, it’s important to support not only what may benefit me financially, but also support what will positively impact our communities.” To consumers like Lopez, switching to Loop is more than a change in insurance; It’s being a part of a greater change in our world.

To have their voices heard

Conny Guerrero’s motive for joining the Loop waitlist? To sign up for insurance that sees her as a human being with a voice worth hearing out.

Originally from the Dominican Republic and now living in New York City, Guerrero said, “The fact that loop is actually opening its doors to the community and not just reading people as a number and consumer is really mind-blowing.” After attending a few clubhouse meetings and getting a feel for Loop, she began to understand the impact that this can have. “[Being a part of Loop] means I have a voice somewhere,” she continued. “You don't feel ashamed to actually share what you think, and you know and they actually listen to it.”

This feeling of being heard isn’t just rare within the insurance field, it’s rare in life. To find people, or communities, who make you feel unashamed for sharing your own ideas, asking for help, or asking questions. When finding a place, a company, or a person who makes us feel heard and validated, we hold on tight.

To let data be used for the people

Yates, hailing from Dallas with a background in technology and software building, is not only a fan of Loop’s community, but their technology background as well. Co-founder of Loop Carey Anne Nadeau has brought her data science expertise to Loop to calculate the fairest insurance rates.

“When a company that is aligning themselves in an industry like insurance decides to finally be a technology company, that's super interesting to me,” Yates said. “Carey’s background in data science, and using data for the people, is the thing that really drew me in.” As each person has their favorite aspect about Loop, a tech expert would undoubtedly be drawn to Loop’s revolutionary use of AI to combine location-based driving with the likelihood of a crash at each road you cross.

“I don't even actually care if Loop is cheaper,” Yates said. “I just care that it’s better.”

To be a part of the Loop family

We know that Loop is a community, but what we’ve only just discovered is that Loop has become a family. Not just amongst team members or clubhouse regulars, but through in-person events, emails, and Instagram follow-backs, bonded by shared values and differing perspectives.

Yates recalled forming an instant bond at Loop’s in-person fathering: “I think the first person from the Loop team that I talked to was Jesus [Vidal], and when talking to that guy, both of us were like, ‘Have we met before?’ because I just felt like, ‘I know I have to know this guy.’ And that was cool.”

Yates isn’t the only one who’s created lasting relationships through Loop. Lopez shared, “I’ve been fortunate enough to have made what I would call life long friends through Loop. I’m so proud of all the work that they’re doing, so to be a part of that is such an honor.”

If you're ready to join the Loop family, visit today.

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