Designer, Creator, Entrepreneur, Creative Change-Maker

Cimone Key is a Dallas-based creative with passion, a purpose, an impressive portfolio and a growing platform. She's demonstrated not only an uncanny ability to attract big clients but also a patent for creating change. She is the Chief executive officer of CK Creative Studio, the first Black-owned branding and interactive agency in Dallas, Texas, creator of the Black Creative Table podcast, and a nationally recognized designer and branding consultant. Since CK Creative Studio launched in 2015, Cimone has acquired Adidas, Amazon, Boy’s and Girls Club, Capital One, Chimy’s, City of Dallas, Live Nation, the National Football League (NFL), Neiman Marcus, and Sally Beauty as her clientele. 

I’m trying to build up a creative community here in the Dallas area where my space can be that creative hub.

Cimone's resume is extraordinary but she is the product of struggles we can all relate too and faced the same challenges all entrepreneurs starting off have to face and eventually overcome. To help fellow entrepreneurs and creatives in their journey, she turned her integrative Louisiana-themed shared office into a space for Black innovators, founders, and self-driven creatives to thrive together in a creative and inclusive environment.

Beyond being proud for the range of her portfolio and for having worked with both new businesses and Fortune 500 companies, what brings Cimone the most joy is building and growing together with her community. Cimone has shown the ability to express brands through design that appeals to all ethnicities and specifically millennials. Cimone has shown the ability to express brands through design that appeals to all ethnicities and particularly millennials. The impact of her work has brought together communities and even erased antiquated traditions; Cimone's superpower is design but her calling is community.

What I love to do with my work is create something that brings people together.

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