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My car was broken into or vandalized. What now?

If you've been a victim of vandalism or your car was broken into, the first steps you need to take are to document the damage and file a police report. Any personal property you've had stolen from your car will not be covered by your comprehensive policy. You'll need to file a claim under your renters or homeowners insurance policy to receive reimbursement for those items.

What to do in an event your car was broken into or vandalized:

  1. Document the Damage
  2. Make a List of Stolen Items
  3. File a Police Report
  4. Get a Quote and Calculate Whether Filing a Claim Makes Sense

If you've added comprehensive insurance as part of your auto insurance policy, you should be protected from any form of vandalism or car theft. However, comprehensive policies typically come with a deductible that you'll have to pay before the policy kicks in. Because of this deductible, it might make more financial sense to pay for the repairs yourself.

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