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How can I quote adding or deleting a driver?

We're happy to quote adding, deleting, or replacing a driver for you! The fastest way will be to contact our customer service team by phone. However, you can also request the quote via email or chat.

How do I change my name on my policy?

We're happy to help update the name on your policy! Whether this be correcting a misspelling, changing your last name, or for any other reason. Some changes can easily be done by endorsing the policy. Others, will require that we cancel the existing policy and rewrite it. We'll gladly outline the process based on your specific request.

You can request the change by contacting customer service via the Loop App, chat, or by giving us a ring!

Does the Loop App drain my battery?

Loop understands the importance of your phone's battery life! We want to make sure the Loop App does not consume a lot of your battery's energy. We've decreased use with every updated, and we are continuously working to make it better!

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