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What causes my policy premium to increase?

Several things can make your policy premium increase such as:

  • Driving behavior(learn more)
  • Drivers in your area
  • Failing to keep the App on for at least 21 days(learn more)
  • Filing an at-fault claim

These are just a few items that can impact your premium. Everyone's policy is different, so we recommend calling our customer service team for specific details on your rate.

Do you sell other types of insurance?

LOOP currently focuses on auto insurance, and for good reason. We pulled back the curtains and we noticed that auto insurance was unfair and biased towards certain groups of people.

The mission of revolutionizing the auto insurance industry requires our undivided attention for now, but stay tuned for innovations in other insurance products.  

I'm not happy with my premium. Can I get a discount?

LOOP appreciates your business and strongly believes in fair and honest pricing! Please contact our customer service team to review your policy. We can ensure you're getting all applicable discounts and that your premium is being rated correctly.

Help with understanding coverage

Loop understands that insurance can be confusing, and we hope to make it easier to understand! This is why we have included a glossary in the Loop App, which provides a description of each coverage. Additionally, you can access a declarations page via the policy documents in the Loop App. This page shows the premium for each coverage included on your policy.

If you have specific coverage or premium questions, we're here to help! You can reach out to customer service via phone, chat, or the Loop App.

What is Rental Car coverage?

If you're renting a car while on vacation, or for pleasure, the coverages on your current vehicle will extend to the rental vehicle. For example, if you have full coverage, that is what will extend to the rental vehicle. If you are not currently carrying full coverage on your vehicle, we recommend purchasing insurance through the rental agency. This will ensure the rented vehicle is covered for any physical damages.

Loop also offers rental reimbursement! What does that mean? Rental reimbursement coverage will help by reimbursing the cost of a rental vehicle if your vehicle has been involved in a covered loss and is being repaired. We offer limits of $30, $40, or $50 a day with a 30 day maximum.

Please feel free to contact our customer service team with any additional questions on rental cars or to verify your coverage!

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