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What data does Loop require?

LOOP requires a lot less data about you than any of the traditional insurance companies. The data we use is highly relevant and necessary for the unbiased underwriting of your policy and monthly payment.

We do not collect nor factor-in any of the following discriminatory data:

  • Level of education
  • Occupation
  • Credit score
  • Zip code

The only data that LOOP requires is the data that contribute to your pricing:

where you drive & how you drive

That is all the data that is necessary to price you equitably and fairly and that's what we promise to keep doing.

How do I get a copy of my insurance ID card?

You can easily access your ID card via the Loop app or by calling Customer Service.

How can I obtain a copy of my declarations page or policy?

A declarations page will show you an overview of your policy including coverages. You can easily obtain one through the Loop app or by contacting Customer Service.

I want to cancel my policy.

Firstly, we want to thank you for being a valued customer! We understand life changes, and we want to assist you in the best way we can. If you're looking to cancel your policy, please contact our Customer Service team. They'll go through different options available. If none of those options are right for you, they can take care of your cancellation with ease.

I need of Proof of Insurance for my Lienholder.

LOOP is happy to help you with proof of insurance for the lienholder financing your vehicle. When you add full coverage and list the company on your policy, we will automatically send a notice to the company advising that you have full coverage. If you need a document showing proof, you can access a declarations page through the Loop app, online portal, or by contacting customer service.

How can I make changes to the coverages on my policy?

We're happy to help with changing/adding/removing coverages on your policy! You can contact our customer service team to complete the change via phone, chat, or directly from your app!

How do I add, change, or delete a lienholder?

We're happy to help you add, change, or delete a lienholder(company financing your vehicle)! Your vehicle must have full coverage to add or change the lienholder. You can contact our customer service team to complete the change via phone, chat, or directly from your app!

My friend or relative from out of town wants to borrow my car, are they covered?

Great question! We appreciate your caution in confirming coverage before letting other people drive your car! Loop allows permissive use driving—what does that mean to you? As long as they’re legally allowed to drive and you’ve given them permission to borrow your car, they will be covered. If someone is using your vehicle on a regular basis, you'll want to have that driver added to your policy.

Of course, every claim is subject to review and approval. Every claim is different, and there is no way to guarantee coverage for every situation.

I want to use my insurance to rent a car.

If you're renting a car while on vacation, or for pleasure, the coverages on your current vehicle will extend to the rental vehicle. For example, if you have full coverage, that is what will extend to the rental vehicle. If you are not currently carrying full coverage on your vehicle, we recommend purchasing insurance through the rental agency. This will ensure the rented vehicle is covered for any physical damages.  

Loop also offers rental reimbursement! What does that mean? Rental reimbursement coverage will help by reimbursing the cost of a rental vehicle if your vehicle has been involved in a covered loss and is being repaired. We offer limits of $30, $40, or $50 a day with a 30 day maximum.

Please feel free to contact our customer service team with any additional questions on rental cars or to verify your coverage!

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