14 Reasons Why Master Investor, Ian Dunlap, Believes Square Is One of the Greatest Fin-tech Companies

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Aug 1, 2021
2 min read

This week I want to discuss one of the greatest fintech companies with one of the greatest founders of this era, Jack Dorsey, and this company is Square.

Here are the 14 reasons why I love this company and stock.

  1. The provide one of the easiest ways to take payment
  2. They generated $13.17 billion in revenue
  3. They currently are sitting on  $2.73 billion in profit
  4. Square has  $7.7 billion in assets
  5. Their current market cap of $107.08 billion
  6. $8.77 stock price in 2015
  7. 52 weeks price change is +97.13%
  8. Only 7.03% shares sold short
  9. Better than FIS, ADP, and GPN for the future
  10. They have 30 million active cashapp users, that’s equivalent to every person who lives in the state of Texas.  
  11. The gross profit of cashapp doubled in the first 3 months of 2021, reaching $495 million
  12. 10 million monthly active users of its cash card
  13. 1,717.25% return all time
  14. And Jack Dorsey is one of the greatest founders of this era
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