3 Ways To Level Up Your Income

May 15, 2021
2 min read

I’ve been an entrepreneur, side-hustler, freelancer, and jack-of-all-trades for 10 years now. When I was 18, without any formal education or mentorship, I began to focus more intensely on side hustles, which have since led me to do a variety of things professionally. Podcast Host, Vlog, Influencer Deals, Speaking, Consulting, Producing, Investing, etc are all things I’ve been paid to do in the past before Loop.

A few key lessons I’ve learned along the way on meaningfully leveling up my income:

  • 1) Do things you love to do - Sounds cheesy, but - you can’t put a price on the amount of sheer energy and effort you will put into something you love doing vs something you simply tolerate doing. You will enjoy the mundane, work through the hard parts, and excel faster as a result. Ignore any quick cash schemes. They don’t work and will only cheapen your reputation and dilute your brand. Lean in anywhere you get excited.

  •  2) Pick modern skills - Another edge you can have is picking skills that are specific to the times we’re living in. Podcasting, e-sports, live-streaming, NFTs, YouTube channels, social media content production, graphic design, voice overs, etc are all skills you can get paid for, remotely from your home! You will likely not be good enough at anything you pick to get paid right away. You’ll have to be comfortable investing 18-24 months into your craft before you can start truly commanding wage. Most people won’t do this - but if you do - you’ll be glad you did. I invested the time into learning to podcast, creating content, and building an audience for 3-5 years, and have built several distinct but complementary income streams as a result.

  • 3) Work for free - I know, I know. This is counterintuitive, and a lot of you are gonna kill me for this one. I don’t believe in working for free forever. However, I do think working for free is an excellent way to break into a new field, get experience, and build your body of work. Many times I’ve taken on free work to learn a new craft and learn the ropes. But guess what? The next client doesn’t have to know the one before was free ;) Use free work as a way to build your portfolio, and set yourself up to be paid afterwards from other clients!

Hope you enjoyed this first installment of many. If you like this or have recommendations for other topics, let me know by responding directly to our newsletter.

With Love,

John Henry

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