Mission is the answer to your questions

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Apr 20, 2021
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Why should your company have a strong mission? 

If you've been looking for the key to grow on a budget then you're not going to find it in ads, but you might find it in having a powerful mission. 

Mission economy is something I strongly believe in. I firmly believe that ‘mission unlocks doors that profit cannot.’ No one inherently cares about the pursuit of money. Money is but a means to an end. This outdated 20th century, 1950's view of a corporation that profits at the expense of the community might’ve been acceptable, might’ve been palatable 40-50 years ago. Today, we have a socially conscious consumer. 

Consumers demand more from the companies they back. We put our knowledge into companies that we feel stand for more than profit. We put our money into companies that stand for their community, social causes, the environment, climate, education and more aspects beyond their bottom line. That’s the type of company I like to support and I think a lot of our generation feels the same way. 

I firmly believe mission is not just marketing fluff. It’s core to Loop’s DNA. For any practitioners out there listening, build a movement around your product and watch your community rise up to support you. I believe mission will unlock distribution, growth and ultimately, ironically profitability.

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