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Building Loop
Jun 18, 2021
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New look, big mission, bigger heart. We’re excited to present you all with our new Brand Essence for Loop, crafted with love, in partnership with our friends at Pearlfisher.

We developed this brand essence, entitled ‘Infinite Loop’, with great thoughtfulness and attention to detail over a several month timespan. The goal was to create a brand that captures the many layers of who we are: A social enterprise, with a deep commitment to community, a challenger spirit that rethinks rules, and a deep love for technology and precision.

It’s a unique opportunity to create a company that can become category-defining. What would a 21st century insurance provider look like? Could we capture a warm, thoughtful, and inclusive feel while also preserving the groundedness required for the work we do? Could we capture the art and the science of our craft? We worked with meticulous detail to develop a brand that would do just that.

We present to you, Loop:

Our masterbrand identity is a distinct wordmark, with a lighthearted tone in the line-work and intrinsic movement characteristics to represent our community’s heading to and from. Our “L” serves as our distinguished, standalone icon.

Our color palette consists of trusted blues and whites to connect assurance with an uplifting personality through expressive accent colors. Together, the colors show a joyful welcoming brand. We categorize our brand colors into two sections: core colors and community colors.

The Loop line graphic is an illustrative element that represents our community’s movement from point A to B. 

For typography, we selected the Fieldwork family. A typography that conveys assuredness, thoughtfulness yet also feels friendly and warm. It plays well on digital interfaces as well as print.

Blend these strong standalone layers together, and the end result is a cohesive, versatile, and distinct brand essence that represents our community’s walks of life, our mission, and our commitment to excellence in financial services.

Loop is about more than car insurance. We exist to move people.

Car insurance is just the start. So let's get moving.

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