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everything car insurance should be LOOP car insurance

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“This insurance company not only found me a better rate! They were fast, efficient and had great customer service. I know!!! That is just not common in today's world. Thank you, Brian for you great service.  Customer for life!”

John Brian Campbell

“Christian was very helpful and saved me a lot of money when I was paying a lot of money with my other insurance”

Eli Basave

“Loop offers great insurance rates. The purchase process was so simple and quick yet comprehensive. The customer service has been great so far.”

Veena Murali

“Jessica was excellent! She explained my policy to me and let me know what mattered the most. And of course saved me money!”

Brooke Robison

“Malik has been the real MVP these past few days. Loop has saved me almost $200 a month and with better coverage ❤️ I would high recommend if you are having trouble finding good rates with everyone else."

Nakea Ann

“Great friendly service i was able to get a fast accurate quote and I save by switching.  😀”

Rolando Torres

“They were $700 cheaper than progressive for me! Love the app. So grateful I found LOOP!!”

Colette L.

“My insurance went from $534 a month to $153 and that's with higher coverage now with loop. I do not have the words for how much I love this company”

Brandon I.

Honest pricing.

No credit check. Zero hidden fees. Just download and drive.

No credit check

Or other irrelevant questions.

Zero hidden fees

Ever. (seriously)

Download and drive

Simply ride with LOOP and save.

Built for the 21st Century

Digital-first. Insured in 5 minutes. Claims paid instantly.

Already insured? We'll help you switch instantly

We help you seamlessly cancel your prior insurance.
(In most cases, you'll even get money back.)

Customer service
that cares.

Real people. 7 days a week.

Getting there together.
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