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If you're looking for a challenging, optimistic, engaged, and deeply mission-driven company and culture — you've found your home. Join some of the brightest, kindest people we know working together on a problem worth solving.

Our Values

Here are the Northstars we embody in word and deed.


Put people first

We put people first in all that we do. Our community’s needs drive our efforts – so we ask for their feedback and create solutions just for them.


Measure what matters

We focus on the details that move us forward. That means you spend more time doing meaningful work with clearly defined goals.


See around the bend

We value being able to see what’s coming. Going the extra mile to understand each step of our process means we stay ahead of the unknown. 


Lead with love

We believe in being positively driven. Whether it’s serving people or growing our business, we balance purpose with profit to keep us grounded. 


Do what you say

No matter how big or small. That means giving each situation the care and attention it needs to thrive.


Impossible takes a week

We believe that by putting our heads together we can solve anything. Our team creatively turns obstacles into opportunities. 

A mission with a business – not a business with a mission.

We formed as a Public-Benefit Corporation so our mission is in our dna, not just marketing fluff. The result has been attracting the best people, investors, reinsurers, and technology partners.

What the LOOP Team has to say about working here.

"Trying to do something good takes guts. Life is about leaving the world better than you found it, and at LOOP I found a team dedicated to that. Also, I’m learning more than I ever have professionally"

Nick Singh

Head of Media at LOOP

“If a friend asked me why they should consider working for LOOP,
I would tell them because it doesn't really feel like a job. The hard work we put in every day feels more like something that has to be done to better our society. Working at LOOP feels more like a responsibility that yields high amounts of satisfaction and fulfillment as a person and as an employee.”

Melkis Espinal

Senior Software Engineer at LOOP

“An opportunity for people of color to make a change and be represented in an industry that can often be biased, is what brought me here. Being part of LOOP helped me to truly be passionate about our mission promoting community and diversity, while making the world a better place in insurance.”

Will Domingue

Media Designer at LOOP

“Everyone on the team has great talent and diverse backgrounds. Teammates are friends. We can talk about everything. Things related to work, personal life, pets and more. We are clear about the goals and the trust we are building together as a company; driving us to work harder to achieve bigger goals and aim higher. ”

Xunge Jiang

Head of Data Science at LOOP

“What attracted me to LOOP was the mission and growth potential. Come for the mission, stay for the people.”

Taylor Richardson

Head of Community at LOOP

“LOOP is an extremely fast paced environment that is always chasing after excellence and empowering you to become your best self. I’ll be honest, this job isn’t easy and it isn't for everyone, but the amount of learnings that I’ve come to gain in such a short period of time is incredible. If you have the dedication and motivation to learn, combined with speed, this is a place where you can thrive.”

Jasmine Pulido

Events Coordinator at LOOP

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A great mission requires great care.

Our benefits cater to you being your best.

Remote Forward

We know that great talent comes from all over the world. We’re a 100% remote team, so you can work from where you need to.

Unlimited PTO

Your life requires flexibility. We trust you to get the job done, so you set your own hours and PTO.

Company Equity

LOOP is growing fast because of everyone’s hard work. That’s why 100% of our staff gets equity in the Company so you share in that success.

Comprehensive Healthcare

Your health is the most important thing. With our comprehensive healthcare benefits you can get the care you need.

Parental and family leave

Family comes first, especially when it comes to adding new members. We offer 14 weeks of paid leave so you can take the time you need. We’ll be here waiting to welcome you back.

Growth and Learning

We’re invested in your professional development. LOOP with help you pay for the knowledge you need to take your career to the next level.

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