Creating fair insurance for all

Hi, we’re Loop. This is what drives our story.

We started Loop with a heartfelt mission: to make insurance accessible and affordable for everyone. We found that traditional auto insurance priced people unfairly, charging people more for things that have nothing to do with their drive. So we created an algorithm that measures what matters. Like how you drive and the roads you drive (down to the weather). Not your credit score, income, education or anything else that might price you unfairly.

Meet our Team

Tinkerers, do-ers, and rebels.

John Henry
Co-Founder & Co-CEO
Carey Anne Nadeau
Co-Founder & Co-CEO
Ali Salhi
Ed Arovas
Head of Insurance
Jesus Vidal
Head of Business Development
Nick Singh
Head of Media
Amrita Jha
Technical Product Manager
Will Domingue
Media Designer
Dan Robinson
Staff Editor
Ali Khazanbeik
Product Designer
Rodney Deransburg
Business Development Intern
Emma Dubin
Data Analyst Intern
Varun Jindal
Software Engineer Intern
Ursula Lumkin
Copywriter / Annotator
Melkis Espinal
Software Engineer
Alston King
Product and Compliance Specialist
Lin Xue
Data Scientist
Taylor Richardson
Community Manager
JC Polonia
Head of Growth
Xunge Jiang
Head of Data Science
Will Armstrong
Data Science Intern
Miriam Elvira
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