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Uplifting Local And Building A Legacy Of Service: Jay Bradley

Published on
June 23, 2021

Real Estate Entrepreneur, Investor, Community Leader, Philanthropist

Jay Bradley is a Houston-based entrepreneur, real estate investor and broker, founder of Equinox Realty Group, community leader and philanthropist. Jay comes from a lineage of real estate pioneers, an education that has afforded him an understanding of its strategic impact on the fabric of a community. In addition to Jay’s own accomplishments within the real estate industry, his contribution to the development of other agents has landed him recognition by the HAR association as 1 of the Top 20 under 40 real estate professionals, the Houston Black Real Estate professionals named him 1 of the Top 20 professionals and he was voted as 1 of Top 50 Black Professionals and Entrepreneurs of Texas by D-MARS.

Gone are the days when we had to go work at the factory to produce income, there are tons of different avenues out there you can create.

Jay’s passion for his craft has solidified him as one of the top producing agents in Texas, and  has also led him to make critical real estate investments within the Houston community. Employing his ability to foresee where neighborhoods are going, Jay has led development projects that have resulted in healthier communities. He’s converted pawn shops into grocery stores and turned underdeveloped areas into commercial corridors that attract black-owned small businesses. Jay’s portfolio is not only limited to commercial properties but spans into the residential market, contributing to the growth of many of Houston’s upscale and master-planned communities. 

Service runs deep in Jay’s roots, and it was on full display earlier this year when Texas was hit with the worst winter storm in recent history. Jay demonstrated the love he has for his community, offering folks a place to stay and assisting over 200 Houstonians with water, supplies and home repairs. Legacy has a deep meaning for Jay and he’s built a reputation for giving back and serving his community.

The bigger picture is to wake up and say I did good this year, I feel like that’s what God intends for all of us to do.

Watch or listen to Jay speak more about his story on the fourth episode of Going Places, an original series by Loop.

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