LOOP Appoints Jonathan Seibold As Head Of Insurance

Published on
February 9, 2023

LOOP has appointed our former Head of Underwriting, Jonathan Seibold, to Head of Insurance. For over 20 years Seilbold has served as an underwriting leader, specializing in personal and commercial auto lines of business. At LOOP he will continue to grow the insurance operations infrastructure and underwriting team.

Previously, Seibold was the Head of Underwriting here at LOOP. He has helped us to grow and lead our Underwriting and Insurance teams tremendously over the last year. Seibold was also previously Senior Manager of Underwriting at Metromile, where he created a comprehensive underwriting strategy that improved their Ultimate Loss Ratio by 13 points. Additionally he automated several underwriting functions to improve operational efficiency, delivered an additional $2M in revenue in 15 months and championed compliance projects that provided cost savings.

“Jonathan has spent two decades leading underwriting teams - in well-established insurance companies and insurtechs - and is deeply committed, fundamentally, to the cause of creating a fair and just insurance future. Under his leadership, LOOP’s strategy of superior segmentation of risk, diligence in underwriting, and high quality care come into focus,” says Carey Anne Nadeau, Co-CEO at LOOP.

Seilbold shares, “The vision John and Carey Anne have for developing a fair and biased free insurance product is exciting. They have a passion to see our industry change and grow to a more level playing field for everyone. Creating the opportunity for people to be rated based upon the driver’s skills, habits and decisions over their gender, credit score, and affluency. I really want to see this type of change flourish in our industry and demonstrate how effective this can be in building an insurance product that is able to grow and scale profitably.”

About LOOP

LOOP is a Public Benefit Corporation and insurance provider founded with a mission to create fair insurance for all. Using technology and data, LOOP offers more equitable and transparent pricing for customers. For general inquiries, more information on LOOP, or to join the team, please visit ridewithloop.com.

Press: buzz@ridewithloop.com

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