11 Reasons Why Ian Dunlap, the Master Investor, Loves Microsoft Stock

Personal Finance
Jun 10, 2021

Submitted by: Ian Dunlap, Master Investor

I personally think that this company is one of the most underrated of all time when it comes to long term investing and although they pretty much had a dead decade when Ballmer was their CEO, they are one of the greatest companies of this generation.

Here are the 11 reasons I love Microsoft as a stock

1. Most popular operating software of all time

2. They are on almost every pc on earth

3. They have one of the best CEO’s in the tech space

4. They have a market cap of 1.97 trillion - which one of the largest of any company

5. They have $143 billion in revenue in 2020

6. They had $44.28 billion in net revenue

7. They are the largest software company in the world by sales

8. They own 70.92% of the market share in the desktop market

9. They own 47.5% of the work productivity software market in 2021

10. 77% - 87.8% of people have Windows 10 installed on desktop and laptop combined.

11. Azure grew 50% year over year

5 years ago the price of the stock was $50.39 and it is currently at $254.83 which is over a 400% return. If any other company had these kind of numbers the price would be 400-500 a share.

Too many people are looking for sensationalism and end up getting burned and this company is safe and will not give you too much stress.

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