How is my car insurance quote calculated?

Aug 10, 2021
2 min read

If you’ve ever wondered how does a car insurance company come up with your price for car insurance, you’re not alone. Most insurance companies make this a very opaque calculation and impossible, even for experts, to explain. 

At Loop we are shedding light on the data that is hidden. We are transparent about what factors we consider and how each might affect your price. We put control back in the hands of drivers, and base much of our rates based on how and where you drive, rather than your credit score, like most other insurers. 

Check out a complete list of definitions for each factor in Loop’s public glossary

The factors with the greatest impact on a Loop car insurance policy are: the make / model of the car itself and whether you’re an experienced good driver, driving on safe roads.  

* Loop does not consider whether a driver owns their home (typically a 15% discount) or credit score, which by itself, can end up saving drivers more than $500 per year on car insurance. 

Loop uses about 20% fewer variables than a typical insurer, making the application process straightforward and faster. We don’t ask for information, we don’t need to give you a fair rate. 

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