How To Make An Appointment At The Dmv In Texas

Published on
September 9, 2022

Everyone needs to go to the DMV at some point in their lives. There’s no getting around that. The lines, the paperwork, the hassle—it's nobody’s favorite life experience.

Given this unavoidable life task, you may be asking yourself how to make this experience easier. You will give yourself a better chance at success the first time, without the lines and hassle if you come prepared to your local DMV in Texas with the correct paperwork and a scheduled time slot.

Let’s dive into how to make an appointment at the DMV in Texas, in the easiest way possible!

Where Do I Go to Make an Appointment?

The best way to make an appointment at the DMV in Texas is to visit their website and use their scheduler to choose a day and time that works best for you. They offer a scheduler in both English and Spanish.

You will need to fill out some basic information to secure your appointment. The Texas DMV will ask you for basic info like your existing ID number, full name, date of birth, and the last four digits of your social security number.

You will be able to select your preferred location on the scheduler and view the availability of appointments for the service(s) you need. If you do not see the location you are looking for, it is most likely because the appointments are fully booked. Luckily, most drivers license offices hold a few select appointments for walk-in customers.

It is always suggested that you arrive early at your preferred location and check in at the kiosk. If you do not have a pre-scheduled appointment, you can make one at the kiosk by viewing the available appointments for the day and selecting a time for you. Once you get your appointment scheduled, you can leave the DMV and go back no more than 30 minutes before your appointment.

Are There Any Delays I Should Expect?

If you opt for a walk-in appointment, you can expect a longer wait time. If your closest DMV office in Texas doesn’t have any available time slots and you must walk in, try to do so in the middle of the week. That is when you will find the shortest wait times. Getting there first thing in the morning to secure an appointment is also a good idea.

Wait Times

The average wait time is about 30 - 45 minutes for an appointment. The DMV in Texas tries to keep wait times to a minimum by limiting late appointments. Wait times will vary with walk-in appointments.

Your appointment at the DMV will be canceled if you are over 30 minutes late, but you are able to reschedule another appointment that same day.

What Do I Need to Bring With Me?

As mentioned earlier, the required documents to bring will vary based on what you need to do at the DMV, but here is what you need to bring if you’re looking to get a license from the DMV in Texas.


Print, fill out, and bring the application for your Texas driver’s license or identification card. You can visit the Texas DMV website to obtain this form to download and print to bring to the DMV in Texas.

Proof of Citizenship & Residency

You will also need to bring proof of your US Citizenship. This would include your passport, birth certificate, naturalization certificate, or certificate of citizenship.

You will also need to show proof of residency. This would include a lease agreement, mortgage deed, unexpired voter registration card, or Texas vehicle title.

Proof of Identity

Proving your identity is also a requirement for a driver’s license in Texas. Acceptable documents include a marriage certificate, court-ordered name change, birth certificate, divorce decree, passport, or any unexpired immigration paperwork that includes your photo on the card.

You will need to show proof of your social security number as well. You can prove this with your social security card or by bringing a w2, a paystub with your full social number visible, or a 1099 form.

Proof of Insurance

If you are registering a car in the state of Texas, you will need to provide proof of insurance to do so. You can prove you have insurance for your vehicle by having an insurance card from your auto insurance provider or a letter from your insurance agency that shows your coverage meets the state requirements and that your coverage is active.

Ready to Head to the Texas DMV?

Now that you know how to make your appointment at the DMV less stressful, you can visit your local DMV in Texas with ease. Just make sure to schedule an appointment beforehand using the online scheduler, bring the appropriate documents, and arrive on time. Do that and you will set yourself up for success and avoid any stress (or boredom) once you get there.

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