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Everything You Ever Needed To Know About Roadside Assistance

Published on
June 29, 2023

Whether you're a seasoned driver or a novice on the road, understanding roadside assistance can be a game-changer in times of vehicular distress. Roadside assistance can be a lifesaver when your vehicle breaks down, and understanding it fully can help you make the best choice for your needs.

Why's Roadside Assistance Important?

Roadside assistance is a service that helps motorists when their vehicles break down. It is a type of insurance policy that provides services such as towing, battery jump-starts, flat tire changes, and more. Roadside assistance is crucial for safety and peace of mind when driving. It can save you time and money in the event of a breakdown or other vehicle issue.

What Does Roadside Assistance Cover?

Roadside assistance generally covers services like towing, flat tire changes, battery jump-starts, fuel delivery, and lockout services. Most roadside assistance programs cover passenger vehicles, including cars, pickup trucks, and SUVs. Some also cover motorcycles and recreational vehicles (RVs).

Who Can Use Your Roadside Assistance Coverage?

Typically, anyone driving your covered vehicle can use your roadside assistance coverage. However, some programs extend coverage to the policyholder regardless of the vehicle they are driving.

How to Access Roadside Assistance

You can get roadside assistance through various providers, including auto insurance companies, auto manufacturers, and standalone companies. Some auto insurance policies include roadside assistance, but not all. It's important to check with your insurance provider to see if it's included or if it can be added for an additional fee.

Specific Services Offered by Roadside Assistance

Next, we'll dive into the particular services provided by roadside assistance, including towing, tire changes, battery services, and more. Roadside assistance helps you in a bunch of different situations when you’re stuck on the road:

Towing Services

If your vehicle breaks down and can't be fixed on the spot, roadside assistance can arrange for it to be towed to a nearby repair shop.

Flat Tires & Tire Changes

Roadside assistance typically includes service for flat tires. They'll either change your tire on the spot or tow your vehicle to a nearby service station.

Battery Jump Start

If your vehicle's battery dies, roadside assistance can provide a jump start. If that doesn't work, they can tow your vehicle to a repair shop so you can replace the battery.

Locksmith Services

If you lock your keys in your car, roadside assistance can help by sending a locksmith or providing a lockout service.

Fuel Delivery

If you run out of fuel while driving, roadside assistance can deliver enough fuel to get you to the nearest gas station.

Mud or Snow Extraction

Roadside assistance can help if your vehicle gets stuck in mud or snow during severe weather, either by clearing the vehicle or towing it to a safer location.

Roadside Assistance Exclusions and Limitations

Most roadside assistance programs have limitations, such as the number of service calls allowed per year and distance limits for towing. And some roadside assistance programs may not cover vehicle breakdowns caused by accidents, severe weather, or off-road driving.

Evaluating Roadside Assistance Programs

Whether roadside assistance is worth it depends on several factors, including the reliability of your vehicle, how much you drive, and your comfort level with vehicle repairs. Make sure you weigh your options carefully, and also consider how much getting this service will affect your budget based on how much you’re being charged.

How to decide which roadside assistance program is the best for you

Choosing the right roadside assistance program depends on your specific needs. Consider factors like cost, coverage limits, and customer reviews. The cost of roadside assistance can vary widely, depending on the provider and the level of service. It can range from less than $50 to several hundred dollars per year.

Additionally, using roadside assistance shouldn't increase your car insurance premium, but it's a good idea to check with your insurance provider to be sure. Some providers partner with third-party businesses to provide the service, which will cost you. Other providers offer this service for free.

Do I need roadside assistance?

If you drive often, have an older vehicle, or simply want peace of mind, roadside assistance can be a valuable addition to your auto insurance policy.

Can I use my roadside assistance for other vehicles that are not mine?

This depends on your specific roadside assistance program. Some programs cover the policyholder, not just specific vehicles.

Things to look out for when shopping

In this section, we'll discuss some things to be aware of when shopping for roadside assistance, such as fee-per-mile towing, towing limits, and long waiting periods.

Fee-per-mile towing

Some roadside assistance programs may charge a fee per mile for towing beyond a certain distance, which could add up quickly in a breakdown situation.

Towing limits

Check to see if the roadside assistance program has a limit on the number of tows per year or a limit on the distance they'll tow.

Long waiting periods

Some roadside assistance programs may have a waiting period before you can use the service. Be sure to read the fine print.

It’s A Service You’ll Likely Need To Have

Roadside assistance can provide valuable peace of mind for drivers. It can help you out in a pinch and potentially save you time and money. However, it's important to understand what it covers, and its limitations, and to choose a program that suits your needs and budget. Happy and safe driving!

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