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Let'S Help You Stay Safe During Hurricane Season

Published on
January 16, 2023

Being well-prepared for a hurricane is essential to garunteeing your safety. Start by staying informed of the storm's progress by watching news and local alerts. Familiarize yourself with your community's evacuation plan and locate nearby shelters in case of an emergency.

Preparing your home is another vital step. Secure any loose outdoor items, install hurricane shutters, and trim tree branches that may pose a danger during high winds. Additionally, clear your gutters and downspouts to help prevent flooding.

Creating an emergency kit is crucial for your safety during a hurricane. Gather essentials such as food, water, medication, flashlights, batteries, and a battery-powered or hand-crank radio. Make sure to include important documents in waterproof containers.

Staying Safe During the Storm

During the storm, it's important to stay indoors and avoid venturing outside, as flying debris and flooding can be life-threatening. Keep away from windows and doors, and find shelter in a small, windowless room on the lowest level of your home.

To prevent any potential damage, please take the necessary steps to turn off utilities like electricity, gas, and water supplies.  Just in case your local authorities instruct you to do this, you’ll already be prepared in advance.

Turning off your utilities can help prevent damage to your home and reduce the risk of fires. Additionally, stay informed by continuously checking news and weather updates for information on the storm and any instructions from local officials.

Driving Safely in Hurricane Conditions

In hurricane conditions, it's best to avoid driving if possible. Waiting until the storm has passed before getting on the road minimizes the risk of encountering flash floods and dangerous winds. If driving is necessary, proceed with caution. Maintain a slow speed, avoid sudden acceleration or deceleration, and keep a safe distance from other vehicles.

Don't try to drive through flooded areas, as the water may be deeper than you think and you could get stuck. A mere six inches of water can stall most cars, while two feet of water can sweep your vehicle away.

After the Storm

Once the hurricane has passed, it's important to take the time to carefully inspect your home for any damage, and document any issues with photos or videos for insurance purposes. This will help you create a more accurate report of what happened and get your insurance company's attention if you need to make a claim.

Keep a close eye on local news and updates for information on road closures, power outages, and other storm-related issues. Also be aware of downed power lines and debris on roads, and cautious when driving. If you need assistance, don't hesitate to contact the appropriate resources. They are there to help you through the recovery process.

Important Contact Information for Emergencies

Knowing whom to call during emergencies is crucial in hurricane situations. For disaster relief, contact the FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) Hotline at 1-800-745-0243. To inquire about your car's insurance protection, call the LOOP Care Team at 1-844-544-LOOP (5667). If your vehicle is disabled or you're stranded on the side of the road, the Motorists Helpline is available at 1-800-525-5555.

For local road updates, contact non-emergency help at 3-1-1. For local emergency information, reach out to the State Emergency Assistance Registry at 2-1-1. In case of an emergency, dial 9-1-1. To connect with the Red Cross for assistance, call 1-800-RED-CROSS.

Staying prepared, informed, and safe during hurricane season is essential. By following these guidelines and taking the necessary precautions, you can make all the difference in weathering the storm.

About the Author: This article was crafted by the LOOP Marketing Team. Comprising of seasoned professionals with expertise in the insurance industry, our team is dedicated to providing readers with accurate, up-to-date, and valuable information. At LOOP, we're passionate about helping families navigate the world of car insurance, ensuring they get the best coverage at the most affordable rates. Learn more about our mission and values here.

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