Why We Started Loop

Building Loop
Apr 1, 2021
1 min read

Loop was founded with the belief that insurance should work for everyone. And that sounds simple, but that hasn't been true in the past.

More than insurance, we’re in the business of moving people. We believe where you come from shouldn’t determine where you’ll go. And we envision a world where people are free to go further. To reach what matters to them—from life's every day twists and turns to your biggest dreams.

That’s why we created Loop.

Loop is a connected community of people who are going places.


We give love to our drivers by supporting all the diverse ways and heartfelt reasons why they move, every day: to live, work and connect.

We do that by measuring only what matters: how you drive and where the drive takes you. No (irrelevant) questions asked.

Fair insurance means more people can get behind the wheel and get to where they’re going. It empowers people to let their drive take them here, there and anywhere.

We’re looping people in to something larger than insurance altogether—collective progress.

Car insurance is just the start. So let’s get moving.



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